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The Solution


In our areas of intervention, five (5) factors have strongly contributed to the emergence of this new operating plan: job creation in the country, the surge in competition, return on investment, quality services and products, operational results.

On the other hand, the partial absence of its crucial factors in the organization of the Haitian economy makes it uncertain for several decades. Consequently, I Clean Haiti Lab, in relation with our vision, we will react quickly on this deplorable situation in order to bring a durable solution in order to satisfy our customers.

Job creation

This implementation will bring a solution to the problem of the increasing unemployment rate in Haiti, and to a policy of valorization and supervision of young professionals, as the majority of them have serious difficulties in finding a job to meet their daily needs.

The competition

I Clean Haiti Lab. will respond to the challenge of speed, it will accompany the institutions that want to proceed to the transformation of their structures with growth.

We bring intensified innovation. Service seekers and companies can benefit from the services permanently with this change.

The return on investment

Many companies and applicants are aware of the usefulness of advanced analytics systems to optimize their business and customer service.

Therefore, I Clean Haiti Lab. allows them to leverage these services faster and thus ensure a real competitive advantage.

Services and products

Audiovisual service,

Space rental

Real estate service,



Web radio,

Web marketing

Operational results

In order to improve the results of your company, it is urgent to ask for the services of I Clean HaitiLab. I Clean HaitiLab’s laboratory services will have a significant impact on the operational results of your department and your company.
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