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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, we must take advantage of this opportunity and consider the needs of the communities that have come together in a global village to use this new form of connection to unite and strengthen our bonds as global citizens.

This opportunity that is offered to the world is a vast field for entrepreneurship that everyone should seize, and that is why the CEO, Pierre-Michel NORAMÉ, seized the opportunity to create a commercial enterprise that offers high technology services in the audiovisual, screen printing … This will provide access to quality services and job creation in the country.

As a social development officer, Mr. NORAMÉ had already designed a social project beforehand, of a titanic scope. But this social project suffered from a lack of financial resources. Consequently, Mr. Pierre-Michel NORAMÉ, as a visionary, proceeded to the implementation of a new enterprise named I Clean Haiti Lab. But the appearance of the corona virus in 2019 has considerably reduced the financial resources of this social institution and has put it in a serious financial situation.

Pierre -Michel NORAMÉ

Who am I?

I am the founder of “I Clean Haiti” and “I Clean Haiti lab”. Born and raised in Haiti, my father brought me to America at the age of 19. Since I was not yet finished with my high school education, I learned English so that I could attend college to study business administration. Afterwards, I learned culinary arts to become a chef, and I opened a tax business in 2013.

In 2017, during the most difficult time of my life, and after natural disasters had already devastated Haiti, I had my first vision of ”I Clean Haiti”. My wife and I were just separated, my son was only 4 years old, I had lost my income. I was trying by all means to find a job to meet my needs. During this difficult time in my life, the idea came to me to create a company capable of solving the problems related to waste management in Haiti, hence the name “I Clean Haiti”.  As a man of God, I had to stay connected to the Lord no matter what I was going through in life.

There were a lot of people who helped me get a job, but what I often did was pick up unwanted items and take them to the dump. Most of the work and jobs that were provided to me during this time came from Josh Kobryn and his father David Kobryn. These two people kept me going during my hard times. I thank them for everything they did for me m,and I knew I would be able to pay them back. At the time, earning an honest wage helping to clean up the

Different areas is what God wanted me to do and this simple task gave me the idea for the “I Clean Haiti” project. I thought, what if Haiti had an organized way to provide jobs to those who help clean up the waste, which takes into account the problems related to waste management and environmental protection in Haiti. 

Since then, I have taken matters into my own hands by starting to think about the largest waste management project in Haiti’s history. It is time that Haiti really has a reliable company that offers services to eradicate the difficulties encountered in waste management, which is a major problem affecting the living conditions of the population, which is exposed to diseases and an extremely unhealthy environment, which also leads to a decrease in tourist activities.

As Haitians, we can once again be proud with this impactful project that will bring a change in the ecological environment of the country and restore its beauty for a clean and prosperous Haiti for all. I pray to God for the name “I Clean Haiti” was given to me to introduce this project. I Clean Haiti” represents the entire team that contributes to this noble cause, that of cleaning the streets and ridding the houses of incumbent garbage. Together we give ourselves this mission: Restore and revitalize the image of the country and its inhabitants.

Pierre Michel Norame, CEO / Founder

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