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I Clean Haiti Lab. is a link between Haiti and the world of technology. It promotes the use of information technology in Haiti. We are here to satisfy our customers.  We have acquired the necessary experience to bring clear, precise and technical answers to our different customers in all departments of the country, and also to those of the diaspora.

Our services

Don’t you feel tired of looking for services that you don’t know where to find and/or paying for services that you are not satisfied with?

Then I Clean Haiti Lab is the solution you are looking for.

In Haiti, finding a qualified professional is increasingly difficult. I Clean Haiti Lab has heard your cries, so it puts at your disposal an array of qualified professionals in several fields.

Real estate agency

When it comes to selling or leasing a house, or finding an AIRBNB, it can be difficult to find clients on your own. Entrust the sale or the lease of your property to our real estate agency, we will save you many unnecessary calls.


When it comes to immortalizing a scene, capturing a sensitivity, a personality, a mood, to avoid any disappointment when having your portrait taken, whether in natural light or in our professional photo studio, trust I clean Haiti Lab. We have ingenious photographers who can immortalize this sweet moment.

From this photo shooting, in studio, at home or in another place, images will be born which will testify of a time, a period of your life, a strong moment, perhaps of a success which you would like to make eternal.

Videography ​

Videography ​

I Clean Haiti Lab. conglomerates those professionals: director, cameraman, creative director, copywriter, editor etc. that you need to realize your audiovisual project.  They work with professionalism which is the compass of our team.

Live streaming

The success of an event no longer depends on the number of people attending, but on how you bring it to the virtual world. Broadcasting your events live is a way to allow your customers to participate. Trust our team to broadcast your events on all your digital platforms.

Recording studio (podcast, jingle, tag, broadcaster)

I Clean Haiti Lab. has a room equipped to make quality sound recordings. Entrust us with the recording of your podcast, Jingle, Tag or your radio shows to make them gems.


For your printing work, there are now a multitude of solutions that make you autonomous. However, it is clear that the work is not always up to your expectations. So, come to us to have the quality work of our printing company at an unbeatable price, in a very short time.
We offer a variety of services: photo printing, book printing, and promotional item printing. The printing professionals are bound to have a solution for you. With our printing company, you can build a relationship of trust that you will never regret.

Graphic design (Logo design, Cartoon, photo manipulation, Illustration)​

At I clean Haiti Lab. we will make you proud to wear the colors and values of your brand. With a name, a logo, a business card, a website, a graphic charter…, we will give substance to your business. It will become tangible and concrete. You will no longer have the feeling of having a naked company.

Website creation

Today, more than ever, it is essential to have a website to get people to contact you or to expand your customer base. A web page is the best tool to achieve your goals. The website is accessible anywhere in the world, at any time. With specialized and qualified professionals in the web and mobile fields, we create websites for all types of needs. Indeed, web technology is a pillar that helps accelerate the economic world knowing that it contributes to the development of a company.

Aware of this advantage, we put our knowledge, our experience and our analysis to the benefit of our customers in order to help them and accompany them to exploit to the maximum the technological tools such as: Website, Mobile application, Web application, Intranet, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics.

Rental of a radio studio​

If you need a studio space by the pool or in an enclosed space to record your audiovisual program, then you have come to the right place. I Clean Haiti Lab. has a web radio, with a large audience, and a spacious and attractive space that can satisfy your taste. So, come with your show and choose your recording time. 

Espase rental

Do you want to launch your product, organize a meeting, a reception, or any other type of event? Do you need an attractive space to create a buzz? Do you want to attract media attention? Do you want to create a buzz with the press, invite many people? I clean Haiti Lab. has the space of your dreams. We have a large space for rent to make your event of any kind a success.

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