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Jeff Kendy born in Gonaives “La cite de L’independence” Haiti.
Jeff Debreus born and raised in Haiti and moved to the United State of America after completing High School at College Diocesaint Saint Paul (CDSP). He earned A.A. degree at Miami Dade College. He had dropped out as a sophomore at Florida International University. He earned many certificates for Public speaking.
Jeff is now the CEO of Lifestyle Maker Academy, a system to help others be financially free in several ways by focusing in Forex Trading. He involved in business back in 2012 and get introduced to Forex” Forex Exchange market” while in Las Vegas in a convention in 2013 and he has been trading since then. He now a 5-figure monthly earner in Forex (2019) after 6 years. He has created multiple groups to help man and woman achieve success. Former CEO of Team Impact and Fx Pro-T (Forex Professional Traders), and now running Lifestyle Maker Care, a system in place to give help to children in needs in several countries. Currently writing a book name “The 4 steps to success”.
He was a former Shift Manager at Nova restaurant. He was an Emerald in ORGANO company leading a team of 300+ distributors and managing businesses generate over $80,000 in sales monthly. 
Married to Maria Garcia Tenor and have a handsome son named Elijah Debreus. 

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