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I Clean Haiti Lab is the Source between Haiti and the World of technology!

 I Clean Haiti Lab, a subsidiary of I Clean Haiti, is a company that operates in the fields of production, services and technological advancement, established  in 2021. The principal objective is to make accessible, adequate and produce more affordable services  within the reach of all. We offer a wide variety of services like, Facebook, Youtube,  Instagram,  spots for audio  or radio and etc…  We’re ready to grow your business.

The problem

Many people living in Haiti and around the world still have great difficulty in finding a credible professional or service institution to entrust their request, due to the reluctance of some and the obsolescence of some local institutions.

The solution

In our areas of intervention, five (5) factors have strongly contributed to the emergence of this new operating plan: job creation in the country, the surge in competition, return on investment, quality services and products, operational results.

Millions of people in Haiti live in extreme and unhealthy conditions that contribute to many sicknesses.

Key Statistics

3rd Hungriest Country in the world.

40.60 % Unemployment - 4th worst in the world.

Port au Prince is the dirtiest capital in the world.

Haiti is named the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

1.3bn tons of solid waste is generated a Year - Most staying in the streets.

Over 75% of the 11.4 million Haitians are living in poverty, making less than $2 US per day.

In 2019, Haiti received family support of nearly $2.986 billion, which has not benefited the countries infrastructure at all.

Major Infectious Diseases – Food or Waterborne Diseases: Bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and typhoid fever (2016).​​

Saviez-vous que l’économie haïtienne souffre de productivité grave. Et la santé de l’économie est moribonde sur les quatre décennies passées.

Nous nous engageons, comme toutes les institutions qui croyaient apporter une solution rapide et définitive à la crise sociale et économique en Haïti.  Car nos problèmes sont très critiques, parfois catastrophiques.  Cependant, nous devons nous rappeler que si Haïti existe comme nation, c’est parce que nous savons comment relever des défis comme un peuple rebelle et révolutionnaire.  Dans ce sens, nous sommes d’avis qu’il y a encore de l’espoir pour trouver une sortie heureuse à nos graves problèmes parmi lesquels le chômage se trouve au premier plan et la solution au chômage passe d’abord par la création d’entreprises.

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